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Learn about the latest firm news from the business litigation attorneys at Spotswood, Samson & Sansbury LLC, who practice complex commercial litigation, class action defense and appellate law.

Spotswood Attorneys Persuade Alabama Supreme Court for Writ of Mandamus

After its client was sued in a “judicial hellhole,” Spotswood Sansom & Sansbury LLC developed novel jurisdiction and venue theories in an effort to transfer the case to a more favorable venue. Though the trial court denied the motion for transfer, Spotswood attorneys persuaded the Alabama Supreme Court to issue a writ of mandamus, forcing the trial court to grant the transfer. Following the transfer, the plaintiffs swiftly dismissed the suit. In our home state of Alabama, Spotswood Sansom & Sansbury LLC has been involved in virtually every high profile, complex litigation matter that has arisen in recent years.

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SSS Appeal Reduced Punitive Damages from $7 Million to $1.05 Million

After being hit with a $7 million punitive damages award in Oregon state court, a Fortune 500 company hired Spotswood Sansom & Sansbury LLC to handle post-trial motions and the appeal. While the posture of the case made elimination of the punitive award virtually impossible, Spotswood attorneys used cutting-edge legal developments to persuade the appellate court to reduce the punitive award to $1.05 million. We mitigate risk even when a win is not a possibility. We create lasting strategies to meet the needs of our clients; whether that need is early resolution, cost-effective litigation, or vindication of important legal principles.

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Ninth Circuit Affirms Win by SSS Regarding Wage and Hour Class Action

A Fortune 500 company hired Spotswood Sansom & Sansbury LLC to develop a national litigation strategy for a wave of wage-and-hour class and collective actions asserting joint-employment theories. Spotswood attorneys developed and executed a strategy that resulted in precedential opinions from several different venues and gutted the class theories. In the lead case, Spotswood attorneys won summary judgment on the merits of the individual plaintiff’s claims prior to a decision on class certification and, in the process, clarified a murky area of California jurisprudence. Spotswood attorneys persuaded the Ninth Circuit to affirm the case in its entirety. We offer clients a more comprehensive, holistic approach to complex business litigation. In every situation we face, we consider the long-term, big picture legal implications.

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