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Spotswood Hired to Assist In-House Counsel for U.S. Supreme Court Hearing

Following a last minute decision to seek a writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court, Spotswood Sansom & Sansbury LLC, in a very short timeframe, crafted a successful petition for review of a Second Circuit decision regarding what constitutes the “charge” that must be submitted by an employee before he or she can sue under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act. Spotswood attorneys, as co-lead counsel, briefed the case on the merits in the Supreme Court and helped prepare in-house counsel for oral argument. Although the Supreme Court ultimately affirmed the Second Circuit’s decision, Justices Thomas and Scalia wrote a dissent in favor of the position advocated by Spotswood Sansom & Sansbury LLC. We specialize in complicated cases that require a higher level of thinking.

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